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Share Information

There are currently 222,446,249 ordinary shares in issue of 0.5p each

There are currently no shares held in treasury

The percentage of shares not in Public Hands is approximately 40%

There are presently no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s securities and these are not traded on any other exchanges or trading platform

Significant Shareholders:

Canaccord Genuity Group Inc: 47,489,230 (21.40%)

Michael Infante: 26,077,862 (11.72%)

Gresham House Plc: 23,942,000 (10.79%)

James David Price: 20,025,795 (11.02%)

Amati AIM VCT Plc: 17,714,000 (7.98%)

BGF Investment Management Limited: 10,000,000 (4.51%)

updated 01.12.2023