One Media is a digital music rights acquirer, publisher and distributor.

It specialises in purchasing and monetising intellectual property rights with proven, repeat income streams.

The Group adds value to its content by maximising its availability in over 600 digital stores globally, including Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon and Spotify.

One Media’s music is also widely used for synchronisation in film, TV and digital gaming whilst its video content is primarily viewed on YouTube where One Media operates over 20 YouTube channels as a certified partner.

One Media is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange plc, under the symbol ‘OMIP’.


Unlocking the true value of content

One Media iP is a profitable digital music rights and publishing acquisitor. Having invested over £14m to date, it continues with its investor program through its London Stock Exchange listing.

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Harmony iP is a music equity release initiative that exchanges a portion of your music rights income in return for a lump sum payment.

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TCAT, the Technical Copyright Analysis Tool, is an antipiarcy and a music data discovery system designed to protect and report on your music globally.

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Content & Artists

One Media iP is a global digital record label, publisher and video rights management company.

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Point Classics contains thousands of hours of the worlds best classical recordings used widely for both streaming and synchronization usage.

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Men & Motors was originally launched in 1996 as a JV between Granada/ITV, this motoring channel is now relaunched on YouTube, and features over 6,500 motoring videos achieving billions of minutes of viewing.

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